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In the age of print-on-paper this was the only model available that enabled publishers to disseminate journals and recoup the cost.Levine suny Health Science Center, Downstate Stroke Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA Roger Levy Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Michael Lockshin Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY, USA Ian Mackie University College London Hospitals, London, UK Pierluigi Meroni University.Society as a whole benefits because research is more efficient and more effective, delivering better and faster outcomes for us all.Repositories can provide usage data to show the number of times articles have been downloaded.We are here to help you.For example, in New Zealand, the University of Otagos Business School set up an Open Access repository in November 2005: by February 2006, with just 220 articles in it at karamba casino bonus code the time, it had received almost 20,000 hits (downloads) speltip 6 holland casino (.The levels of this type of usage can be surprising.
Value, a 20-year.S.Antoun grew up in Lebanon during the civil war, an experience that imbued him with a strong sense of national duty.EcoWater Systems holds more patents than any other company in the business.Even wealthy universities could only afford a proportion of the world's research literature.Today, the "Oceana Effect" can be seen all along Lebanon's coastline where countless resorts and hotels now spread.He is the current Chairman of Société Générale de Banque au Liban sgbl and the finance house fidus Wealth Management.Are you entertaining at home?For researchers, it brings increased visibility, usage and impact for their work.And then your customers, your users, your stakeholders really everybody that matters will learn to love your brand.Traditionally, journals have been sold on subscription to libraries.